Big Lurch

What is Big Lurch?


A rapper from Texas who while under the influence of pcp killed a 21 year old woman. He then cut open her chest and ate parts of her lungs. The police picked him up naked in a street staring at the sky. He is now serving life in prison.

Big Lurch is a rapper who smokes PCP and eats human lungs.

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To cannabalize someone thinking that they're the devil while high on Angel Dust.

Woah dude, I just Big Lurch'd that dude, now I'm serving life in prison!

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Texas rapper who's serving a life sentence for cannibalism, in which he stabbed a roomate of his and ate her liver. Later, four cops had to tackle Lurch while he was out on the street naked screaming with blood in his mouth.

Big Lurch (aka Antron Singleton) is sure one crazy ass motherfucka!

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