Big Pipe Rooter

What is Big Pipe Rooter?


somebody with a great big cock, and is successful with it...but it began as a commercial slogan for a drain cleaning company in Los, a whole bunch of wannabe 'big pipes' in LA label themselves 'bigpiperooter' on all sorts of computer chat pages and websites. this is highly insulting to stuck up princesses fishing for rich guys, and those dudes have then no chance, and don't 'root' anyone on the website, ever.

Summer said to Mindy," Don't communicate with that POOR disgusting guy because he is advertising his big dick, big pipe rooter". "and another thing my little kitten is not a pipe, he is

just a little man, and NOT RICH, so fuck-off big pipe rooter".

See daddy, big daddy, schlong, coke can, black


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