Big Texan

What is Big Texan?


Restaurant in Amarillo Texas located East of town on I-40 that advertises on all the major Interstates hundreds of miles in all directions. Their claim to fame is a FREE 72 oz. steak dinner (if eaten in one hour). Meal includes 72 oz steak, shrimp cocktail, roll, and baked potato. If you are unable to eat it, the cost is like $50.00. Well worth getting one of your friends to try it and if he fails, pay the $50 for him. It's worth $50 to see someone try to shit 4.5 pounds of beef, right???

Kid #1: "Hey, lets eat there dad."

Kid #2: "Yes, yes, yes." "Yeaaaa Big Texan."

Dad: "Ok, ok kids, settle the hell down before I pull the goddamn car over."

Kid #1: "You hungry grandma?"

Grandma: "Well, as a matter of fact I'm famished little Johnny"

Kid #2: ...snicker...

Kid #1: "Hey, whats that smell dad?"

Dad: "Thats Amarillo son."

An hour later....

Kid #1: "Yea Grandma, you did it!"

Grandma "I dont feel to well kids."

Kid #2: "Just wait till tomorrow Grandma." "Your gonna have 4.5 lbs of beef hangin out your ass!!!!"

Kid #1: "Yea Grandma, It'll feel like a Big Texan was in there!"

Kid #1 and #2: "Ha ha ha ha."

Dad: Get in the car you little bastards!"

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The shit you make the morning after eating a big texas.

Nick: Jesus man your Big Texan smells terrible.

Tyler: yupp. Its not a good time.

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While "knocking it back" you stick your thumb in the girls ass.

Jared and Everitt gives the Big Texan to their bitches daily!!

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