Big Texas

What is Big Texas?


a delicious cinnamon roll treat found underneath your black roomate's bed

them niggas is wilin' they ate half my box of big texas!

shit son, i need a big texas for breakfast tomorrow


A Big Texas is when you ejaculate into a cowboy hat and then put it on someones head.

A good prank to play on hicks.

Look at that dumbass hick with a cowboy hat on over there. Too bad he doesn't know its a Big Texas.

See cowboy, hat, jizz, in


To fart/rip ass in someone elses mouth.

To expel internal gas through the anus into another's mouth.

A good prank to pull on a sleeping friend or enemy.

"Drew, if you don't shut the help up I'm gonna give you a big texas."

See fart, rip ass, rip one, mouth, prank, crank, face, suck


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