What is Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road?


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Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road (btm, btmrr, big thunder, rainbow ridge,) is a roller coaster at Disneyland Park(s) in Anaheim, Paris, and Tokyo, and the Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando. The original was built at Disneyland Park in Anaheim in the year 1979, it was the first roller coaster to feature "fin brakes," which are now widely used in roller coaster design.

The ride features a pressurized tubular steel track, fin brakes, LIMs (linear induction motors,) two person dispatch authorization, two station operation, Chain Lifts, Animatronics, a downward helix (two rotation,) lap bars, and a resettable ride cascade system

The attraction is themed to the united states' gold mining era in the mid 1800s. The basic story of the attraction is the same depending on which Disneyland/Magic Kingdom you go to. The miners find the gold deposit and begin a mining operation, and pretty soon some odd happenings occur, animals action strangely, and what not. The happenings become more and more strange as the operation continues, earthquakes and cave-ins become a real danger. The miners find out that Thunder Mountain is an ancient Native American burial ground (cliché) with this information the miners ignore the inherent curses and continue to mine until one day the Natives were through seeing their burial ground being desecrated, and brought on a terrible curse which eliminated the entire population of The Mountain, and Rainbow Ridge, now all that remain are a hand full of miners who came to Rainbow Ridge to find only the voices, and thoughts of the intruders stuck forever in the moment they were banished from this earth. When trains pass through the town, you can hear what was happening at that moment. The story told to children is simply that the miners became scared and now stay in the town, and only go onto, or into the mountain to rescue stuck trains.

Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road at DLP Anaheim may have a troubled past, but it's way better than smelly space mountain, or BORING Splash Mountain.

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