Big Unit

What is Big Unit?


Nickname of future hall-of-famer and K/9IP king Randy Johnson, thus giving him the distinction of being the only baseball player to have a double entendre for both his given name and his nickname.

Randy's pitching makes every pitching fanatic's unit big.


Randy Johnson

the greatest strikeout pitcher of all time. 4,000 plus SO, threw a perfect game in may 2004.


1One of large stature

2He who has very broad shoulders

3Big fella

"look at that fella, he's a big unit, could call him a tank really"

See Leah


Overweight or large statured female.

Generally look quite imposing or scary - you wouldn't want to upset one.

Seen the new bird in accounts? She's a big unit!

See boiler, fub, brick shithouse, big bird, porker


Randy Johnson, a pitcher for the Yankees.

I saw the Big Unit eating at ciao bella once.

See yankees, red sox, baseball, pitcher, tall, ugly, dip


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