Big Worm

What is Big Worm?


A Big tall Polish Mother Fucker, who happens to be one of the coolest Mother Fuckers alive

Big Worm is the Shit

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My Chemical Romance's body guard.

Gerard: Yo, Big Worm. There's a crazy teenie over here trying to kill me.

Big Worm: On it, gee.

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someone who is long in the body, resembling a big worm.

usually spotted between the months of febuary and april nestling in cinemas or on the beach between cliffs before the torso splits open revealing a bright and shining butterfly

'big worm, you are beautiful'

'dadddy when will i split out of my long body and become a butterfly?'

'look between those two cliffs, its a couple of big worms'


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Latent homosexual sales traders in Tokyo with a penchant for golden showers and small boys called Abe. Often mistaken for a genuine member of society.

Harry's mate Tom is such a Big Worm, I saw him at a forum in Feb and thought he was OK but the next week he was caught in an alleyway pissing on a small boy

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