What is Biggs?


Luke Skywalker's childhood friend, and later a Rebelion Pilot.

That's no battle, hot shot... they're just sitting there!


something(s) that are very large. A word you would use if your excited to do something. I word you can use in a question involving there " areas "

im excited biggs time! or Look at that hes biggs down in that area. or Ya wants some biggs up de bum

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Immigrant who basicaly looks like hes a resident from either China, Japan or both. Hair can vairy. Also known to have man boobs. See Morleyor Orr. Both are pretty much the same anyway...

"Hey you alright?"

"Yeah i'm fine. I'm Harry by the way. I'm a Biggs!"



"...Fuck off back to your own country Morley!"

"...But...Fine you cunt!"

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