What is Bigtoe?


That could be either of the two biggest digits on your feet;

or when spelled thusly: Big T.O.E. refers to the Big Theory Of Everything, which by it self, is self explanatory.

1. OUCH!!!!!!! I crushed my big toe!

2. The Big Theory Of Everything is a complicated mess of facts, figures and things totalling the sum 42.


Derived from the name 'Blackmore-Heal'; to have a large unlucky toe.

"Hey, did you hear about Adam not being able to get into the Army, it was because of his bigtoe."

See bigtoe


Someone who has an undeniably large big toe in comparison to the opposite toe, and other toes in the population of the world.

i) "Woah! Adam, you've got a fuckin' big toe. That's your new name: Bigtoe. Live with it."


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