What is Bih?


1.)another way to pronounce "bitch"

2.)a place

3.)anykind of person, not meant as a insult, similar to saying; dude, homie, and man

1.)i stubbed my thumb, and that bih was hurtin

2.)lets go toke some dank up in that bih

3.)damn bih, what you doin?


Another way to say bitch, or just a simple phrase

Damn bih, it is hot out here

I can't stand that hoe, she dumber than a bih

Wasup bih!

I cant wait to get my phone bih ima be on that bih all day bih

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noun. a name for a person who is a D-FAB. another word for the curse word "bitch" but a shortening.

Aww, yah dumb bih!


Short for "Burn In Hell," used as the opposite as "Rest In Peace."

BIH Jo, you douchebag.

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A nickname for best pals, stemming from the popular '80s saying "what up gee?"

Hey Bih! I miss you like crazy when you're away. Can't wait for Deez Bihs.


alternate pronunciation of the word bitch. used as an insult against boys or men who act like lil girls.

Charlton Hawkins is a bih!

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shortened for bosnia in hercegovina, guess noone knew that

ajmo fantje idemo u bih!


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