What is Biker?


A biker is some one who not only owns a motorbike but rides it for pleasure as well as mere transport. They tend to be a friendly bunch but any who crosses them will be "persuaded" not to do so again!

Hells Angels


The fundemental difference between being a biker and owning a motorbikeis that the first has some stories to tell. The second has a surogate penis.

A Biker belives any bike is good.


Man who eats, breathes and sleeps Harley Davidson. Doesn't own a cage, only owns his Harley. One not to be messed with. Answers to nobody but himself. They make the best friends. Bikers say what they mean and mean what they say. Very large balls. Real bikers ride Harley Davidson motorcycles.

He's a biker and belongs to a MC. Cops are afraid of bikers when they don't have their guns and badges. Bikers are quality people. He's not a biker, he rides a rice rocket. A lot of wannabe's think that they're real bikers. Bikers have no fear!

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Somone who rides a bicycle, or a motorbike.

Bikers that ride kids bikes are called bmx riders. Most skaters are afraid of these people.

Cyclists that ride road bikes are simply a 'cyclist.'

Someone who wants to save money on gas.

Bikers who ride motor bikes are motobikers. There are two different categories in motobikers. Ones who wear tight leather, wear do rags, and have facial hair sometimes no hair on head. Or the ones who ride crotch rockets that have a noisy higher pitch tailpipe. Ladies usually ride on the back end of motorbikes.

A person who rides two wheels.

Ex 1: "I like to cruise down the road on my bicycle"

Ex 2: "Yeah, that truck to 180 out was stylin broo!"

Ex 3: "Lance Armstrong rides a bike really fast in Europe."

Ex 4: "I took my bike down to the store because gas prices are too high."

Ex 51: "That guy in black leather that just came into the bar; he's a biker."

Ex 52: "I head that GSX-R fly down the road, it looked like he was hittin' 90 in a 40!"

Ex 6: "Many people in this neighborhood like to ride bicycles."

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A unique type of dumbass that will ride in your blind spot while you are driving in heavy traffic. When an automobile driver is changing lanes, they will refuse to move, possibly resulting in rear vehicle road pizza. They may also decide to change into your lane when you are turning onto another high traffic road at a major intersection.

Afterwards they may blame you for the potentially fatal accident, citing that their bikes are equal to cars, when in reality they are not. Many are backwards rednecks that refuse to get a real job or a real car or even to take a shower.

Never confuse these people with speedbikers, as speedbiking takes skill. Not to mention that speedbikers are smart enough to pass you on the road instead of camping in your blind spot.

In other news, yet another biker was killed while performing a reckless maneuver during rush hour this evening.

See social darwinism.

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