What is Bilge?


Can be used to replace almost any swearword in almost any context. Can also describe anything that is bad or rubbish.

Note: this CAN be found in standard dictionaries.

1. Look at that snake with two heads... what the bilge?

2. What are you on about? You're talking bilge.

3. Oh bilge, I wrote some complete bilge in that exam.

4. What are you bilging doing!? You're such a bilgemonger.

See shit, rubbish, crap, fuck, what the hell, what the fuck


the part of a boat inside the hull but below the floor-boards

her, Cap'n, the bilge is filling up with water......FAST !

See Jake


1. Any slimy, disgusting substance, that no-one in their right mind would want to go near. Often contains streaks of green and brown.

See also gunge

2. A load of rubbish someone says to fill in time or fill paper.

See also waffle

3. A sentinmental speech, often on a TV or movie.

See also clap trap

"I opened up the drain cover, and there was loads of bilge everywhere. Urgh!"


A bong. Term used by stoners, lads and surfies alike. Predominantley used by lads.

"Pass the bilge bro."

"Oh shit the coppers bruz, dump the bilge lets go bro."

See bong, billy, shottie, cone piece


Somebody that is arrogant, and thinks they are right all the time.

See twatcock noob llama

"Stop being a fucking Bilge"


Excess fat hanging from a part of an obese person. Most commonly seen as the 'second belly' you see on a fat persons crotch area.

look at the bilge on her arm!

ahh man that blokes got proper bilge!

See fat, excess, obese, chubb, bilge


Someone who has someone letting go of the past, or forgetting past grudges

Stop being a Bilge and forget him, he's no good for you.

*does a bilge and hunts him down 3 years later*


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