Billy Breakdown

What is Billy Breakdown?


Billy Breakdown. The Man, The Legend.

"Who is Billy Breakdown?" you ask?

-He's THE STANDARD in br00tal L0Wz.

-His name is backed with multiple gold medals in the 16 & Under Lows Division.

-he also possesses a collection of bronze and silver medals that collectively could armor a Panzer tank. he earned most of these between the ages of 6 and 10.

-He was a part of over 10 bands before he played his first gig. Cold feet, you say? No. These bands were merely pussies and did not have enough breakdowns in their songs to carry his good name.

Example 1:

Papa Breakdown:"What the hell just shook the windows? I hate those fucking cars with subwoofers."

Mama Breakdown:"honey, that wasn't a car, Billy's in his room practicing his br00tal lows since you grounded him"

Example 2:

"Billy Breakdown's lows sure do rattle my balls."

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