What is Billyfest?


billyfest, n, an annual celebration of friendship usually followed by a roman numeral or year number designating the year of the event. Billyfest is held annually in Wilton Manors Florida. Billy and his friends (all friends, or honorary friends, of Dorothy) come from all corners of the globe to get together on the first weekend of December each year and celebrate friends, new and old, with parties and Mary making at all hours, up and down the Florida cost - well, Key West and Georgie's Aliby basically. The historical records of billyfest are kept by Trey and Jim and much of the planning is up to Bryan, with Scott and Randy often providing the scene of the crimes! The first billyfest was held in 2004. Attendance is by invitation only, so if you're lucky enough to get on THIS list, brush up on your camp movie quotes, find out this years theme colors and don't dare miss it.

"Oh look, my invitation for billyfest IV has arrived. I can feel a cocktail comin' on!"


A large gathering of uneducated people with poor hygiene, whose lives are often underscored by the melodramatic nuances of methamphetamine, babies mamas, unemployment, DUI's and domestic violence. Such gatherings are commonly found at County fairs, NASCAR racing events, bowling league Wednesday nights, or Wal-Mart company picnics.

We went to the movies but there was a billyfest in the parking lot across from the bowling alley that made us laugh for so long that we missed the start of the show.

See ho-down


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