What is Bimber?


To be analy raped by a balding chemistry teacher.

Man, I got so bimbered last night.

See pedofile


Spanish verb "bimber" - to take part in an unspeakable sexual act involving a shaved aardvark. Highly offensive to all except in the lower Galician district, where it is part of the traditional rite of passage to manhood at age 16.

!Me gusta bimber! !Es fantastico!

See aardvark, spain, culture, bestiality, traditional


New Chinese industry substitute for Timber. Made from lead (Pb) and sawdust, constituting a cost effective way to create a monopoly in the highly lucrative forgery market.

a. A chord of Bimber

b. A house made from Bimber

c. The wolf could not blow down the 3rd little pig's house because it was made of Bimber. Unfortunately, the pig later died of lead (Pb) poisoning

d. Bimber is cornering the X-Ray shield market due to its high lead (Pb) content

e. Chinese officials deny that Bimber was created to cut out the Timber trade yet do so while launching a massive campaign called "Bimber: naturally pollution friendly cheap good cheap wood forgery... INVEST"

See timber, lumber, wood, forgery, chinese


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