What is Bimf?


Boobies In My Face - A term commonly used when attending classy gentlemans' clubs.

Hey Paul, did you get any BIMF while you were in Vegas last weekend?


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Exclamatory acronym using the first letter of each word in the phrase “balls in my face.” As can be deduced from the literal meaning of the idiom, BIMF is most fittingly used to express extreme distress, often at the unfairness and unwanted strife resulting from a punishment or an unexpectedly and unforeseeably agonizing incident, and inherently compares the painful and undesirable ramifications of the experience metaphorically to having a huge set of hairy testicles plastered against one’s face.

“Dude, I still can’t believe my parents took away my car yesterday! I didn’t even do anything!”

“Yeah man, I know. That was like total BIMF!”

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bad influence mother fucker

an alternative for bamf; used to describe someone who is not only bamf, but is also a bad influence

joe- want a cigarette?

mike- no. wow, you're such a bimf.

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Extremely cold. Near or below freezing.

"Fucking hell it's bimf outside!"

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To break wind. To fart

"jesus!have you bimfed"


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