What is Bind?


To "bind" a key on ones keyboard to preform a specific task when struck. Normally preformed in console baised PC games such as Counter-Strike. This is generally used to allow the player to say entire sentences with the stroke of 1 bound key.

Player brings up his console and types... bind "say LoL we pwned you wOoT!".

After this whenever the player strikes his key his character will say "LoL we pwned you wOoT" in his chat menu.


To cause constipation.

Your Grandma: "Oh yeah, park that thing in my tailpipe big boy!"

Mailman: "Hahaha! You ain't gonna shit right for a week!"

Your Grandma: "Actually I haven't enjoyed regular bowel movements for 20 years since this damn Atkins diet has been binding me like crazy. I've got more shit in me now than a port-o-john at the town chili festival!"

Mailman: (loses his lunch) " TMI, you old wench!"

See Nick D


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