What is Binger?


A heady bong rip taken directly to thy dome.

Ah dude, we gotta take some bingers before that beasters math test.

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A full chamber of marijuana smoke inhaled from a bong. The act of ripping a binger is widely practiced.

Bill rips mad bingers.


A bong or water pipe

Pass me the binger. Damn you broke my binger. Halo was a good binger.

See betsy


Marijuanasmoke in some sort of chamber, more specifically the smoke contained within the chamber of a gravity bong. Can also include any device in which marijuana smoke is pulled through a chamber, such as a traditional bong or bubbler. A binger stands out from a normal hit in that it is exceptionally intense.

Billy, that binger you pulled me last night made my fucking lungs bleed.

Hey man, wanna take a couple bingers before we go the movies?

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full bong

Man I was hitting mad bingers

See jolt


a pull , toke off a glass piece , or bong . usually refering to expensive marijuana .

bing bing son , its time for a binger . hey man , i'll turn you on to a binger if you do my dishes .


A Cigarette Bat/One Hitter used for catching a quick buzzzzz while you're on the go.

Hey man, pass me the dugout, I need a binger.

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