Bingo Bango

What is Bingo Bango?


A phrase that can be used in absolutely all circumstances according to how it is pronounced. For instance, it can be used to express all emotions such as anger, happiness, excitement and even confusion. However the phrase is most commonly used as a sign of acknowledgement and approval.

billy: 'man i was with this really hot chick last night'

billy's friend: (nodding with impressed approval) "Bingo Bango..."

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Used in the 70's to refer to a hit in the game of baseball. Curretnly used in softball by upper level coaches.

"How about a bingo bango?"

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Def: To "Bango" : verb

To bring something into line, to complete correctly, to beat the competition, to be the 'G' man, to interpret the situation correctly, to erradicate all opposition, to rule the world, to be king of shit mountain, to accept no-surrender, to win, to be the best.

Def: "Bingo Bango" : noun

A proclamation of having Bangoed (see To Bango).

"Print the form, fill it out, sign it, post it and Bingo Bango"

"Beat Portugal, Beat Brazil, Beat Argentina and Bingo Bango - we've won the world cup!"

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