What is Binks?


n. a generic nickname used to describe any upstanding individual in one's personal network. Variations: binky, binkazoid, bink-bonk, banks, bianks.

Hey Binks, how's Grandma Binks feeling? Binks said I should ask you.

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noun verb: (to be) Devoid of luck, clumsy, clown-like. Often accompanied with metaphorical horse-mouth. Almost perfect antonym to geeb.

he binksed it up. cheers binks (derogatory)

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This is another way to say money.

"Lend me a couple of binks."

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General nickname referring to Jar jar binks. Can be used as a threatening "Who you calling Binks?!" followed by "You don't even know what it means!".

Hey Binks!

Am I in your way Binks?

Is this your work Binks?

Calm down, Binks.

He called you Binks!

Who you calling Binks?!

You don't even know what Binks means, why you trying to use it really.

Jar jar

You wot you wot

jar jar

you wot you wot

Jar jar mmmmmmmMALERY BINKS!

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a word meaning telephone call

also a wee binks meaning quick call

"I'll give you a binks later"


"I'll give you a wee binks"

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A person with ISDN, a drug dealer brother, and a drug dealer sister. This person's ISDN goes down alot. He hates life.

Binks is a Binks, sucks for Binks. Stupid Binks.

See crackhead


A smooth movin, mika lovin, criminal.


Doesnt like nob heads like Charles Audley (the official twat).


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