What is Binoculars?


When something is eye-openingly outrageous or worth noticing...

Damn dude...did you see that new DAIM graffiti book? That stuff is binoculars!


The best tool for spying on your neighbors.

Ever since that hot chick moved in next door, my eyes have not left my binoculars. Oh shit she saw me!

See spying, telescope, privacy, neighbors, birds


British term for eyeglasses.

Hyacinth:"Richard please put on your binoculars so you can read the road signs."

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Forming a circle around each testicle using your index finger and thumb and therefore making your testicles appear as the lenses of a pair of binoculars.

Part of the "Penis game" = 4 kicks

Dude, we just gave Denver the binoculars! That kid is so gay i bet he loved it.

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The act of positioning one testicle on each of your partner's eyes.

I gave christie some binoculars last night.

See Ryan


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