Bird Watcher

What is Bird Watcher?


a guy who hangs in public bathrooms trying to look at your penis

For having 10 empty urinals the damn bird watcher had to come pee right next to me.....

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A guy who is dating a girl with a bird nose. Kinda looks like big bird.

Damn look at the beak on that bitch?

Yea man that dude is a "bird watcher"

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A man who claims to be straight but everyone knows he sleeps with men.

He's a bird watcher, he's seen a cock or two before.

See homo, fag, faggot, faggotron, queer, closet


Refering usually to the police. They are watching the people who are moving da bird's.

Watch it when you selling that shit, keep a look out for da bird watchers.

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