What is Birdo?


A pink dinosaur with a bow, originating from Mario Bros. 2. Birdo is actually a guy, as stated from the instruction manual.

Dammit, I'm always stuck with birdo and Waluigi in Double Dash!

See Mark


The first video game transsexual, as said on G-4's X-Play.

Tim: What is Birdo?

Jane: Oh, he is a transsexual.

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The pink Yoshi-like creaTure in Mario games. Can spit eggs and is apparently having an affair with Yoshi.

Both Birdo and Yoshi can produce their own eggs, so they are hemaphrodites.


A creature that defies definition. Reputed bitch of Yoshi.

Birdo: Oh noes, I am currently experiencing an identity crisis.

Yoshi: STFU. Go make me a sammich, Bitcho!

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One of the more disturbing characthers from the world of nintendoMario. S/he is a possibly female yoshi sporting a pink bow-tie, too much mascara, and a maybe fake beauty mark. Also, eggs come out his/her.... mouth?

Birdo was in Super Mario Advance, but dont rush out and get it.


Birdo can be used to explain a person place or thing.N. IT can also be used to decribe something.

Such as Booty, car, buildings...

Person: Yo dog! What up birdo?

Place: Q: Did you just get back from the office? A: You mean the Birdo? Response: Yeah

Thing: Q: Can you pass me that Birdo? A: This birdo? Response: For shizzle

Man that bitch be acting Birdoish. Hellez yea.

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