Bird's Nest

What is Bird's Nest?


A penis that is so small it does not hang and barely pokes beyond the pube line, giving it the appearance of a hatched baby bird and two eggs.

Holy crap, that asian kid's junk looks like a Bird's Nest.

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The hairy and untamed pubic area of a male that specifically alludes to the testicles and the penis (two eggs and a bird).

Dude, no chick is ever gonna give you a blow job until you trim that nasty bird's nest!

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When several of your friends and or coworkers go to a party of a person you don't really like. Take a pee break, on the rim of the toilet seat, then yank some of your pubic hair and sprinkle it all over the seat, after 10-15 guys do this you have your Birds Nest.

Hey Jimmy, lets go to the school band party and put a birds nest up.


The group of tangled wires behind your home entertainment system about to start a fire and blow up your whole freakin home.

My my Joe, you've got a mighty big bird's nest!


Cockney rhyming slang for chest

"So, he slammed him in the bird's nest and did a legger."


When you pack a perfect bowl in a pyrexso it looks just like a bird's nest. Usually requires about a five chunk depending on pipesize.

Man lets go pack a Bird's Nest before we go to the Co-Op Christmas party.

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A bird's nest refers to when you pack a perfect bowl in a pyrex pipe. The dope is the eggs in the nest and the nest itself is the bowl.

Me: Man let's go out after work and pack a bird's nest.

Mitch: Yeah man I am always in for a good bird's nest.

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