Birds Nest

What is Birds Nest?


Placing toilet paper around the seat of a toilet, to form a protective barrier from the germs on the seat. Mostly done in public bathrooms. Looks remarkable like a birds nest

Me: I don't wanna pewp in that stall, it looks real disgusting...

Dave: Dude! Just birds nest it!

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The toilet paper shield that some people construct around the seat of a public toilet so that they don't contract any of the various forms of ass and sexual diseases that thrive on porcelain.

"When Brenda left the bathroom, we were puzzled as to why all the toilet paper was gone. She then explained to us that she had birds nested it, and suddenly everything made sense."

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The act of one plucking pubes from his/her pubic region and placing them neatly around the toilet seat creating what appears to be a "Birds Nest". Urine is often used to fuse the pubic hairs to the seat.

I left a Birds Nest for the next guy in line at yankee Stadium.

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A sexual act or favor when one shaves off his/her or their partner's pubic hair, stuffs the pubes into the mouth of their partner and then proceeds to defecate on top of the pubes...thus simulating a bird or if you will, a "turds" nest.

So my boyfriend Miles loves it when I will up his mouth by performing a birds nest with him and his mother DeeDee.

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a sexual act when the male takes his balls and wraps them around the female partners hair; as to look like a birds nest with two little eggs, tweet tweet!!!!!

early in the morning my girl awoke to find my balls nestled softly in a nest of hair....her hair...I gave her a Birds Nest.......TWEET TWEET!!!!!

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reference to female genitalia

person - 'i pecked her birds nest!'

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