Birds Of Tokyo

What is Birds Of Tokyo?


An alternative rock band from Perth, Western Australia.

Birds of Toyko were formed in 2004 and are a collaboration between members of other well known Perth acts including Karnivool and Tragic Delicate.

The members of Birds Of Tokyo are:

Ian Kenny - Vocals

Adam Spark - Guitar

Anthony Jackson - Bass

Adam Weston - Drums


Day One – (2007) #88 AUS

Universes – 2008) #3 AUS


"Off Kilter" – (2006)

"Black Sheets" (2007)

"Wayside" (2007)

"Silhouettic" (2008)

"Broken Bones" (2008)

"Wild Eyed Boy" (2008)

"Head In My Hands" (2009)

Person one: Man what a cool band!!

Person two: Yeah who are they?

Person three: Birds of Tokyo man. Only the best band ever!

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