What is Birdwatcher?


poe-poe who follows a person everywhere secretly but the suspect knows there called birdwatchers

"federallees on my tale,callem' birdwatchers".

young jeezy

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a guy who hangs out in public bathrooms to look at other guys penis.

10 empty urinals and the damn birdwatcher is gonna come pee right next to me.

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Term used to describe a person (focuser) who is cockeyed. One eyeball is focusing on person (focusee), while other eyeball is roaming the scenery. This usually makes focusee rather uncomfortable.

That news guy is a total birdwatcher. Is he looking at camera 1 or camera 2?

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The Cops mainly FBI & DEA.

Keep your eyes open while driving there's birdwatchers everywhere.

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1. term used to describe the creepy man at the bar staring at girls everyone knows he cannot get.

2. a little pussy/bitch who thinks he is tough, but would act hurt if a scuffle ever broke out.

3. Prez

as used by the dub p boys. Anthony, Ian, Chris and Dan

What a birdwatcher Peacock is. . . he stayed on the bench and "birdwatched" as we all fought.

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