What is Birdwatching?


To swallow a man's ejaculate.

Think of the birds that visit San Juan Capistranoevery year (hint: they are swallows).

Jay: Have you been with that girl at the club yet?

Bob: Not yet. Does she birdwatch?

See Renee


BBBJTC and she swallows.

Does she do birdwatching?


Observing or watching a group of good looking females

Man, I was at the club birdwatching...


looking at a man's dick

That man be birdwatching.

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The act of smoking weed.

Girl "hey lets go birdwatching back in the woods tommorow"

boy "alright, ill supply the weed"

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The act of smoking weed.

"hey man, tommorrow lets go birdwatching"

"alright...i'll supply the seeds"

See weed, pot, blazin, mary jane


Refers to a particular bird: the swallow. In reference to the above definition.

Birdwatching will cost you extra.


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