What is Birdy?


An above average type of marijuana.

"Yo, that birdy got me pretty high."

See weed, hydro, dro, marijuana


i little fat boy that thinks all girls fancie him

you are a birdy, your mum shaged birdy (this isnt possible cuz birdy is a v)

See birdy, bman, bird


Just Released Out Of Jail,Prison,Penitentiary etc.

"yo, tell birdy welcome back home"

See prison, penitentiary, released


that one hot girl that's stalking me

Oh, did you see birdy in the bushes last week? Damn she's hot!


(Guyanese Terms)means a Penis

That gyal like whan BIG LOLO in she batty


A Birdy is a person sexualy excited by children. They may attempt to rape children regulary. Some maths teachers can be described as Birdys.

Birdy: I want some baby cock up my ass.

Other dude: Fuck off you fuckin child lover!

Birdy: I want some kiddy Dick.

Other Dude: Kill the bastard!

See pedo, pedophile, child lover, michael jackson, wacko jacko, birdy


An item to play badmenton.

John hit the birdy out of the court

See Ben Dover


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