What is Bisch?


slang term for "bitch" in a more friendly way..

<jim> "whazup bisch?"


A slang word meaning oral sex or blow job predominately used by 12-15 year olds who have never actually received one but talk about it so much that they needed a shorter word then bj. Also used by parents when reading bj in their son or daughter's text message but don't really know what it is.

A: Hey d00d michelle is a bit of a sluthuh?

B: Ya she's such a sluti heard she gave robert a bisch

See bj, head, blowjob, blow job, sex, oral sex, oral, fellatio, dome, cum, blow, hummer, suck, cock, dick, hj, blumpkin, mouth, slut, brain, pussy, whore, gay, fuck, ass, shit, handjob, rusty trombone, dirty sanchez, angry dragon, jizz, angry pirate, vagina, cleveland steamer, donkey punch, swallow, beej, poop, tea bag, felatio, hand job, giving head, hot carl, 69, deep throat, abe lincoln, cincinatti bowtie, pink sock


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