Biscuit Head

What is Biscuit Head?


A joke diss to call someone. It's not serious at all, it's just a joke.

Why do you always wear those old-ass sneakers?

Well . . . at least I ain't no biscuit head like you!

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a rather dumbass, crackhead, or douchebag. Mother Fucka.

Man, that bitch ass is such a biscuit head!

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A yeast infection on the tip of your penis. Generally contracted after having intercourse with an infected woman.

Man, I can't believe you banged Peggy the Prostitute. Now, you have a serious biscuit head.


someone who is bald and the top of the head looking down resmbles a biscuit such as a digestive or rich tea.

your baldy as fuck its like a biscuit on top of your head im going to call you biscuit head

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an affectionate term for someone you like

Hey biscuit head, how's it going?

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a dork

he dude is a biscuit head

See Anton


A person that is a noob, cool, or anyone that lives on the earth. It can also be able to be used by dropping head and reffering just to anything as biscuits. If you know about biscuits you are alloud to say biscuit in any form.

Yo look at that Biscuit Head. Man i got mad biscuits on me (i got alot of dudes on me). Stop being a biscuity fuck. Finally: Butter my Biscuits.

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