Biscuit Jack

What is Biscuit Jack?


bis•cuit jack (biskit jak)

n. pl. bis•cuit jacks

A Biscuit Jack is anyone who makes a fictitious boast with the attempt to make themselves look better. A Biscuit Jack is someone who frequently tries to "one-up" someone else's story with one of their own in an attempt to capture attention. Biscuit Jacks are idiots or fools who are prone to doing dumb things.

1. Slang. A foolish or stupid person who attempts to raise their self worth through boasting far-fetched stories and accomplishments.

2. Slang. A habitual bullshitter.

3. Abbr. BJ. A Biscuit Jack. Someone who possesses Biscuit Jack-like traits and/or qualities.

Tom is such a Biscuit Jack. He said he scored with four girls last night and it turns out he was home doing chores for his folks.

That Biscuit Jack put his car in drive instead of reverse and smashed through his garage door!

See bj, bjs


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