What is Bisto?


The process of shitting yourself in a jacuzzi.

Everyone get out of the tub! Andy's just done a bisto!!

See shitting, squits, arse gravy, coprophilia


alternative to gravy.

Jamay: "hows it going foo?"

Jago: "its aaaaaall bisto"


A fart. To be used in the expression "Ah, Bisto" inferring relief at the passing of some aromatic wind.

Origin: Bisto adverts. The family sit down to eat and one member of the family (following a deep inhalation through the nose) expresses their delight at the smell provided by the gravy, by exclaiming: "Ah, Bisto".

Q "Did you just let one go?"

A "Ah, Bisto!"


Another word for great.

1:Hows younz?

2:Ret bistoo mayte, Younz?

1:Ret good pal.


See bisto, sound, pal, great, awsome


dirty scouse person who finds it hard to comprehend the english language

person A-where are you from?

person B- Ellsmere Port, its on the wirral

person A- dirty fuckin Bisto shit

See scouse, dirty, stupid, laughable


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