Bitch Be Good Stick

What is Bitch Be Good Stick?


A pimp cane. Used primarly for:

1)Threatening hoes into staying in line

2)Keeping bitch ass niggas from steppin'

3)Discouraging a snitchfrom trying to pinch pimpin'.

The larger and more encrusted with gold and jewels it is, the more likely it is to make the target bitch behave in a satisfactory manner.

1) "Ho, play me like a sucka one more time and I swear to God I'll get the Bitch Be Good stick after yo ass."

2)"Nigga you best step back before I catch yo chin with my Bitch Be Good Stick!"

3)"Yo, I heard some snitch nigga just threw up the E.T. Finger. Now I gotta whip his ass with the Bitch Be Good Stick."

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A term coined by Cyrax on the Wolfenstein Resource forums describing a hypothetical stick that would create good behavior in an inferior being after being beaten severely with said stick.

Quit acting up back there, or I'll get out my bitch be good stick!

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