What is Bitchcraft?


The art of being a bitch.

Hillary Clinton is well-versed in the ways of bitchcraft.


The act of being a total bitch; often practicing the acts of upsetting people for the sake of it, being obnoxious to people who have done nothing, going out of ones way to ruin peoples day, abusing athority to do any of the preceding.

Person one: Hey do u know what happened to Mrs. Osterhout?

Person two: Yaa she got burned at the stake for numerous accounts of bitchcraft.

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A(n assumed) form of sorcery cast by those well-versed in smack, often upon those trying to decipher what their gibberish is meant to communicate. Sometimes, however, a bitch may simply talk smack in order to cast a spell out of spite, even against their own kind.

Person A: Ima use bitchcraft on you, then yo ass be huge!

Person B: Bite my skinny ass!

Person A: Abraca-shizzle!


Person B: Damn!

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A vehicle owned by a woman who knows what she wants and whose transportation is the means for going to get it.

We're out of here-to the bitchcraft.

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