What is Bitchmade?


Made in the likeness of a bitch; to act like a bitch ; cowardly.

You bitchmade ass nigga why you aint hit that foo???!!


To have bitchlike qualities or to follow the orders of a bitch. To be lower than a man.

Quit acting bitchmade! Hold your head up and get some balls between your legs.

See DJ Glaze


An individual whose spiteful personality and attitude has crossed paths with you and your credibility unprovoked. Their demeanor has obviously been shaped by other "bitches". When they act up and ignorantly disrespect your *independent status*, the reaction is to dismiss and deny them as a "bitchmade". They are assured that they're not worth your time or consideration because they are in fact "BITCH" made individuals who you are better than.

***Sense when situations are playful, and disrespectul***

Dismiss and Deny

"So get the f*ck out of my face then, you bitchmade."

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1. adj. Man controlled by a bitch.

Where's Michael? He's supposed to eat with us.

He's with his girlfriend at the nail salon.



To be made into a bitch via an action (i.e. getting dunked on in a basketball game, getting burned in a football game, etc.) or by an especially defeating and crushing insult, logic, or verbal confrontation.

"Dude, that guy just tee-bagged you on his way to dunking on your ass. You got totally bitchmade" or "Yo, how was formal last night with Veronica?"

"It went really well, we had a great time"

"That's not what I heard. I heard you got bombed and vom'd on her shoes"



See bitch, made, owned, p'wned, crushed


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