What is Bitchmeat?


1. A term to describe someone, or their ass or vagina, essentially regarded as a passive sex object i.e. meat to be fucked. Often used with misogynistintent about women esp. hookers.

2. The act of vaginal or anal intercourse.

3. Male prison slang similar to (although more graphic than) the prison use of bitch. A generally younger, hot assed prisoner used for sexual gratification.

1. "Woman, get your pants off - I want me some bitchmeat!"

2. Prisoners in the shower discussing the new boy:"Hey Butch, look at that hot butt on the newbie - sure gonna make a fine piece of bitchmeat"

See bitch, ass, arse, cunt, fuck


A nickname given to the larger blokes who look like Meatloaf and have long hair!!!

Dam Bitchmeat... u cut ur hair? we'll have to find u a new name now!

See Bitchmeat


someone that has trouble giving up a past mediocre glory.

after whinning about being an ex-ska singer for 20 minutes, and how he gets no respect you could say "stop being a bitchmeat and play the cards that were dealt to you."


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