What is Bitchslap?


To slap someone (particularly but not necessarily female) who is being rude or nasty, perhaps screaming a lot (i.e., being a bitch). The idea is to get them to calm down and behave. It doesn't necessarily mean you really hit the person; there is such a thing as a verbal bitchslap.

Did you see how Rush Limbaugh stopped spewing that right-wing Nazibullshit after Howard Zinn bitchslapped him on national television?

See Bluejay


A slap administered by a pimp to his prostitute to keep her in line or punish her.

The pimp bitchslapped his whore for disobeying him.


The literal and/or metaphoric slapping or whacking someone in order to knock some sense into them.

Someone bitchslap the TV producer that keeps putting Vince Guaraldi's "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" on as background music for the weather reports on Hurricane Frances in Florida!


When a man slaps another man as he would a submissive female (rather than punching him), therefore a degrading and humiliating blow.

He bitchslapped the punk in contempt.


To smack a punk with the basckside of ones hand

Kody would bitchslap Jayme if he hit whores.

See Ian


To verbally stun an opposing political representative into silence.

MPACUK bitchslapped Louise Ellman


To smack a punk with the backside of one's hand

Kody would bitchslap pnut if he hit whores.

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