What is Bitchtit?


A derivitive of bitch. Commonly used in circles where the word bitch has lost most of its meaning from over use.

A bitchtit is:

1. (n) A person who lacks all good qualities (i.e. A scenester/DDR freak/a jock)

2. (n)Literal: The tit of a bitch, or female dog.

3. A exclamation, see fuck, balls, shitfuck, ishboo

"That F-ing scenester kid is such a dirty bitchtit!"

See bitch, tit, whore, fuck, ass, slut, scene


a large mammal or asophygus coming from the native word from latin: Suckadike.

You are very large Bitchtit.

Have you read the latest cosmo magazin? You bitchtit.

See bitchtit


a nerd that thinks they are cool ( almost 95% of bitchtits are WoW or closet homosexuals)

dude, eric is such a bitchtit right now!

See fuck, you, in, the, ass


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