Bite The Bullet

What is Bite The Bullet?


To do somthing because its right, even though the outcome is going to suck ass for you

The teacher knew I cheated so i had to bite the bullet and confess

See risk


To be forced into making an unfavorable decision due to extenuating circumstances.

Damn dude, my work gave me shit hours last month and I have no money to pay my rent. Looks like I'm going to have to bite the bullet and sell off my beautiful '68 Camaro. :(

See damn, crap, suck, oh no, rent


When something happens and it's not exactly what you want, but take it anyway.

AquaTeen Hunger Force

Episode: T-Shirt of the Living Dead

Meatwad: " Here you go, your very own........ wooden brain"

Frylock: " TRAIN YOU IDIOT!!!!! TRAIN!!!!!!!!"

Meatwad: " Look he's gonna have to bite the bullet on this one, it has been a long night!!!!!!

See aqua, teen, hunger, force, meatwad


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