What is Biz?


Business, what a person does at any given time

Niles - "Yo whassup my nizzle"

Gerrod - "That ain't none of yo' biz!"


Can stand in for a lot of words, like the word "stuff". Shortened version of "business".

"..I gotta do a few errands and then from there I got sum skool biz to deal with...but after that I'm available."


"...I played a range of sports in high school, like basketball and all that biz.."

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the best, better than the rest.

i am the biz you stupid ass. i win you lose.

See andrew


A slang root deriving from the French word, "bisous", which means, "kisses". The term is most typically used as a form of farewell via the internet.

"I must be going now, my little online, French lover. biz."

"I wish that you could somehow smell my message! :( biz"

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I Bet.

(Used in sarcastic tone)

See Also: Bizzy, Bizzy Bone, Betttt, B to the IZ,

"I love his brown spots, their the cutest in the world."


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a nickname, or a greeting. short for biznitch, which is a derivative of bitch. friendly in nature

"hey biz! whats up?"

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A way of greeting someone you like

Yoooo biz, you alright?

See yo, biz, hello, greeting, hi


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