What is B'jang?


"b'jang" onomatopoeic word for "grope", actions are ALWAYS included, can be specific: b'gentitals, b'face, b'moob etc

see also: Boots' moobs, Boots' Genitals, Boots' Face

a noise that complements a grope

various spellings and pronounciations exist: bichang, p'jang, pichang etc

girl 1: i totally b'janged his moob

girl 2: he has the biggest moobs i have ever seen

college guy: ....i scored so much b'jangage last night!

jackass friend: i wish i did. i sat at home all alone, there was no one there to b'jang but myself

See grope, groping, moob, boobs


a word made by a kid in amherst new hampshire which means really nice or uncontested

that chick's bedonk was like b'jang

See nice, tasty, hot, beautiful, ass


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