Black Apocalypse

What is Black Apocalypse?


The greatest Gangsta Metal Band on Earth! Formed in 1991 by ex-rappers who found rap to be getting stale. Although I disagree, they formed the only good subgenreof metalwhich lyricspeople can relate to instead of "I love Satan, he makes me hard, RAAWWWRRRGGG"

" Nigga z Ne vaDie" is da best song eva! Forget Stairway to Heavenor any of that white boy shit. It has da best guitar solo and da phatest drum work eva and da lyrics are beautiful.

"We are real, you whities are fake like your women's titties / I see white kids dressing like us like day dealt wit' da shitty and every bitty ditty wit' da itty bitty pity / Day can't dress black / dey don't know black / dey ain't not dealt wit' da persacution like us / Us black folk our proud of our hertiage and we don't act white / Day think they know street but have never even seen a fight."

Da line up hasn't changed since it's creation because all these brothas are like family.


Ballin' Freestyle - Vocals

4:MM:0 Loaded - Guitar

Twistin' Psycho 666 - Drums

Crush - Bassist

"Da government wants me to act white / Because acting black is offensive / I cant change 'ho I be / You be you, I'll be me.

See Real Gangsta in da House


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