Black Beard

What is Black Beard?


When a male ejaculator, carefully jisms's on the womans overgrown pubic hair, then ripping the glue like combination of the hair, and the jiz, off, and place it on one of the girls eyes. You then proceed to kick the bitch in the shin, and watch her hop around like a one eyed pirate.

My bitch was acting up so i gave her a black beard.


When you grow your pubes really long, shave them right before sex and hide them in a convenient place close to where you're having sex. You then cum on the girls face, grab your pubes and throw them on her face and shout Black Beard Bitch

The woman now has a black beard of pubes stuck to her face.

Black Beard Bitch!

I totally gave that girl I met at the restaurant a black beard last night.

Clean yourself up captain hook!

See black, beard, cum, on, face, pubes, captain, hook


When you go down on someone who has a crazy black bush.

Opptional: Some people make a finger-hook and laugh like a pirate while they do this.

Guy: Yesterday, I did the Black Beard on my girlfriend.

Friend: How was it?

Guy: It felt almost real.


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