Black Books

What is Black Books?


Black Books is a hilarious telivision show from the U.K that amazingly only ran for three seasons. It stars Dylan Moran as Bernard Black, a cynical alcoholic who loves his books and hates his customers. His friend Fran (Tamsin Greg), and his "assistant" Manny ( Lord of the Rings), help in making his life as difficult as he thinks it is. It realy is worth a watch, and I recomend renting it from a place like Netflix, so you can watch it over again with your friends.

Amoung the many memorable bits are "robot prostitute from the future", "hiding in the crisps again!", "our friends, the genitals", and of course, "The little book of calm".

Sample dialogue from Black Books

Manny; looking in mirror,: "Do you think I should trim my beard?"

Bernard; reading book,: "Yes I think you should trim it, and shave it off" , turns page, "and staple it to a frisbee, and fling it over a rainbow."

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