Black Label

What is Black Label?


Made by Molson Brewery( the people that make molson canadian) It's amazingly good canadian beer but people feel the need to bash it cuz it's cheap. Can be bought in cans or in 10% alcohol 40 ouncers for less than 5 bucks.

-not to be confused with big bear, lucky's or other equally shitty cheap beer.

I can't believe I just got sloshed for less than 10 bucks! And Black Label tastes better than that expensive beer that stupid people waste their money on too! (would be said with many slurrs due to drinking two 40s)

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Designers make different types of collections & somethings when it is really exclusive they refer to them as their black label brand. It's usually an obscene amount of money more than usually, as in an Oscar De La Renta dress for 3,900 dollars & a black label dress would be 12,300. The difference is noticable & those that know about it, are the ones that can afford it.

"Darling, look, it's Jimmy Choo's black label, there's only three pairs left?"

"Marc Jacobs makes all sorts of cheap clothing & accessories, but to find his black label you need the third floor in Saxs in NYC."

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A state of mind achieved through an understanding of the forefront of fashion, design, entertainment and style culminating in a state of enlightenment through the work of individuals and of the brand. It is unique to Black Label members and associates

The meeting of two prolific brands (one being Black Label) working together to create a venue, event or hearsay in vogue leaves both parties with a Black Label mind

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a skateboard company that makes pretty nice boards.

I got a new Black Label board yesterday, its really sick.

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