Black Rob

What is Black Rob?


A rapper signed with Bad Boy Records. In 99'/2000 he had a number 1 single called "Whoa". In 2005 his second album dropped called "The Black Rob Report". The album was basically about his prison sentence/court room experience. The album was very underrated.

"They call me black knight shyamalan,

come to my village and ima scare niggas"

"The 9 mil. scope

I walk up on a nigga

put the 9 to his throat

watch him shake like the pope"

Black Rob, The Black Rob Report.

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1. simply a pure nigger

2. possibly the greatest person you can meet.

3. a asshole

I swear i was about to go black rob on that kid if he didnt shut up

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what a person is called when it is obvious that he is so in love with a girl named april and it cant get any better for him because there isnt another girl that could replace her

hey man check out that black rob kissing on april

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