Black Rock

What is Black Rock?


a hit song by rising band O.A.R.(of.a.revolution.) in which the writer expresses the formality of one's mind transpiring in and out of dream and conscienceness, ultimatly climaxig when the writer realizes their is no escape from one's mind.

The black rock describes one's mind and imagination meaning we all have our own black rock whether it be a physical place where we go to think and/or a metaphor for the happy place burried deep in our heads......many songs like the Black Rock have deeper meanings if only we would listen.

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Crack cocaine cooked from the resin built up in a crack pipe. It is dark in color, usually black and said to be more potent then crack its self.

"Hey i got a lot of resin want to cook up some black rock?"

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a song by a maryland band O.A.R.(of.a.revolution.) in which the writer refers to his hometown of Rockville. Black Rock is just the nickname that has been given

Terri: Hey man where do you live?

Jona: Black Rock, Maryland, only the best place ever!!!

Terri: WHERE???

Jona: Rockville man,Rockville

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Black Rock , located in Bridgeport Ct, is an affluent part of the city. Black Rock is going through a vigorous revitalization process mainly on Fairfield Avenue heading towards Fairfield. This part of the city is famous for its small and some what large mansions that overlook the Long Island Sound. People in this area think and act like they are from their neighboring towns and only think and care about their section of the city. Buying a home in black rock is extremely high and taxes out passes its wealthy neighbors Southport.

Where can i find upcoming expensive restaurants in a revitalize city in the most expensive county on earth? Black rock Bridgeport

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