Black Shark Inc.

What is Black Shark Inc.?


The best guild to rule the seas of svs in pirates of the caribbean online.Led by it's leader and captain Bill/Eric it has grown to 120+ members. What started as a skillfull captain and his crew of wenches is now the most venerable, loved , and loved to be hated organizations in the game.With colorful and funloving crewmates, such as Eva,Amelia,Kate,Mikki, Trouble,Kat,Maggie,Anne G,Anne F,Joan,Redscarlet and Liz, and of course the men, Leon,Toby,Law,Billy b,Billy g,Bladeshot,Christopher,Dog,Mark,Bart,Ben and a host of other supporting members. This crew and team knows how to have fun and claim victory in an honest, non cheating way that drives the competition crazy.

To be a Black Shark Inc. member requires dicipline and a thick skin, enemies will attack at any opportunity and try to wear you down. But above all being a black shark requires integrity, morals and just out and out crazy fun!

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