Black Wallstreet

What is Black Wallstreet?


Black Wallstreet is a record label (name was adopted from the historical Black community of Tulsa Oklahoma) in which The Game, former G-Unit member, now current snitch hater, is CEO of. Black Wallstreet music represent the west coast and under Game's label are such up and comming artists as Eastwood, Techniec, G-Malone, Life, and Dj Nu Jersey Devil. Black Wallstreet, Game, and his artists will run the rap game and become what Game would like to consider the modern day N.W.A which he tought G-Unit might be before learning they were a bunch of snitch ass bustas.

Yo son, Black Wallstreet is hype, way better than that G-Unit shit. G-G-G-G-G-G-G-UNOT. 50 Cent, aka Curtis 'Punk Bitch' Jackson can't fuck with Black Wallstreet. The only bad thing he could do is be a punk bitch and snitch on them for whatever but hes a big dumb monkey so he wouldn't know shit to begin with. BLACK WALLSTREET FOR LIFE MOTHA FUCKA!

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founded by "Game" from GUNIT, where as a corporation its duty is to see the advancement of the hip-hop community via clothing companies, record labels, and even real estate. Bloods and Crips can come together and help each other out.

"Yo homie, I gotta go spit some verses, buy some gear, and get a house from black wallstreet."


Record lable formed by former Gunit member Game. Just a wanna b lable with wanna b rappers....who i havnt heard a single track from one person signed to it with the exception of game....

black wallstreet lable nd game wack like a motha fucka

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